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Legato Blackfall

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On the Rocks [Jun. 12th, 2010|12:26 am]
Legato Blackfall
here's to all my friends
pour the whiskey down
the warmth from this poison
seems to strike at memory
I haven't felt in so long

here's to all I know
as the glass condenses
around this lonely night
my paradigm for recollection
of a watered down after taste

here's to my love
and another round
as you get your fill
you leave feeling empty
from this bottle of clarity

here we are now
lost within our liquid confections
sold our virtues to the pulpit
from the hourly vacancies of transgression
we are the children of tragedy
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(no subject) [Apr. 18th, 2010|11:21 pm]
Legato Blackfall
forgive me for losing my touch... i certainly never
intended for my reach to be this shallow... you are
everything to me.. every morning i wake up only
regretting that i have to leave you there... begging
for the weekend to come just so i can sleep next to
you a while longer... you will always be the woman i
love in every way... confiding every hope and thought
into you... imagining everything we can become
together... look how far we have come in such a little
time... i am doing everything i can to make our lives
better... i just hope you are happy enough now so that
later it can only be better.... ... ... i have been
thinking lately about writing you poetry.... however,
nothing comes... see my muse is misery and
lonliness... and with you i have none... my life i can
not say is perfect but amazing with you... i love you
so much, i need you so much.
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insist on silence [Jan. 10th, 2010|08:48 pm]
Legato Blackfall
here, in my consciousness, i beg you enter, claiming
the sunrise, the daylight, and passion. all things,
seem like fire here, scorching to the touch, and
quickly exhausting. my hands shake in realization,
eyes closed expecting resolution, forcing inward, an
absence of emotions, all consumed within this dying
star. and here i wish, the star to fall, bring this
winter, and your return, to warm your hands in my
blood, and drank to be reborn. pose this pale body,
into your image, forever in silence, perfect in

in your faith and image, I shall become the disease,
and the famine- pestilence-
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reassemble [Dec. 11th, 2009|01:50 pm]
Legato Blackfall
blood acts as a current for the alchemy to be cast,
slowly they churn discordant and distasteful, and as
their hatred finds means for release we must beseech
them as resistors to the flame, as rain we fall to
distract your senses and like the tide we are the
vessels to relieve you of the breath that torments.
simply, and unfathomably we are the reason for your
will to die, endless and boundless like a tear in the
ocean, overwhelming in pain from the look in your
eyes, this is the cruelest of diseases, your breath,
your voice, your air, your love, to no end it remains
and is returned
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Another Cruelty [Jul. 7th, 2009|10:04 am]
Legato Blackfall
this wall I stare through
it slowly fades away
and all will come to light
within truth's cruel irony

out of focus from the overflow
the saline coats my lips
finding my tongue
the metallic taste lingers

disgusted by the weakness
and vision that was never discrete
like your expressions
that bleed like empathy

the shock enters your veins
as your heart struggles for reason
my words turn to poison
and escapes as a shallow breath

satisfaction has become painful
and thus reciprocating
like a terrible composition
killing the both of us

"love's like ours won't work"
you have said it all
"love's like ours don't last"
you have changed nothing
run away if you want
but all your turns, turn to me
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An Ebb that Shall Find a Tide [May. 11th, 2009|08:50 pm]
Legato Blackfall
I have been thinking an extensive amount about the saying "Distance makes the heart grow fonder." And how "these days" so many people can't keep themselves away from separation, thus resuting in a severed heart. Distance is "hollowing", it creates insecurities and longing. Well, my love, I have yet to feel insecure, but the longing is haunting me to no end.
Love. A word that is tainted and falsely discovered every moment. An audible characterization of Infatuation, Lust, Desire, Greed, Passion, and Compatibility. Or so it has become. Mine is Lonliness, your eyes closing just to blink leave me gasping for air. My heart swells at the thought that I will see you soon. The shiver tha overwhelms me when you hold me. My faith in you prevails beyond all that I could imagine. Memory, the Storyteller, is the single most important human trait, is the bastard reminding us of all we've lost or missed.
This is not intended to be sad or enlightened. More to encourage you to feel the same that I do. I will love you until my breath and the gods fail me.
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truly [Apr. 26th, 2009|09:57 pm]
Legato Blackfall
your eyes rely, on sly perfection, they stay
determined, a pale yellow from the wall, i've watched
you shiver, i've watched you break, i've watched these
words, as i fall over, fall again for you, i wish
these moments would last forever, and i wish i
wouldn't, have to wish at all.
i've seen it sparkle all around you, just staring in
your eyes, it makes me dizzy, just standing at your
side, i've watched you sweat, i've watched you
conquer, i've watched my mouth, as i fall over, fall
again for you, and i wish these heaven blessed
prophesies would beg surrender, and i wish i wouldn't,
ever be wrong again.
I thank these words, for the tears i feel, swelling
and overwhelming, you are my only fear, you hold my
world, silently in your eyes, like the sun,
shimmering, through the rain. calm and restless, my
affections relentless, and I thank- these- tears, for
the words i feel, just like your eyes.
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the waking [Dec. 5th, 2008|07:29 am]
Legato Blackfall
the darkness surrounds, a melancholy sound, its
reaching and begging, as it fills the air, and my
thoughts like shards, all around me falling,
reflecting a thousand times, the painful mistakes, a
broken heart, a dying rose, they all decay in time
the cold remains, within a stale song, forever like
winter, bleak and remote, your spinning and singing,
triumphant into twilight, shimmering into your eyes,
where i miss every moment, where you will speak my

---every night i am overwhelmed by your magnificence---
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the beauty of silence [Sep. 15th, 2008|10:46 pm]
Legato Blackfall
Bless me again, with your embrace, silent in darkness,
yet inconcievably perfect, the shiver it instills, the
hair stands on end, at attention awaiting your next
breath. calm and flowing, just as expected, warming
the flesh that was once claimed by darkness. in this
world i created for you, only silence, not a whisper
to disturb your symphony, these pages claim words that
are my mere conception, nowhere near as remarkable, as
the experience of a motion, a hesitant breath, all
worth a million of my silent whispers,
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arise [Aug. 19th, 2008|12:24 am]
Legato Blackfall
this wil be the answer, you have waited for
like the bitter frost taking hold in moonlight,
escaping by the breath of daybreak's silence
and will you drown today, in the memory of
the lines, that only existed, for greatest loves'
and mine is the most beautiful, in their memory
for the scar's that form my love, are everlasting
and will remain monuments, forever unchanging

this has become the response, you will die for
like the fragrant lavender, that scents your skin
reminiscent of the day, I fell silent
and I adore the day, having memory of
the lines, that only existed, for greatest loves'
and mine is the most beautiful, in their memory
for the scar's that form my love, are everlasting
and will remain monuments
forever unchanging

could the memory of this survive the recourse
for the subtleties have lost their weight
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